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Once upon a time, two nice white collar types decided that a restaurant was needed in downtown Helena......

Murry's was founded in 2008 to meet a perceived need for healthy, satisfying food served quickly.  We felt that there was an unmet demand for interesting food, both American Comfort and Ethnic.  Given that there was little or no diner food available in downtown Helena and that there are thousands of mouth-watering recipes from around the world, we decided to open a four hundred square foot take-out joint in the 400 Block of Last Chance Gulch.

Coffee Cake
Korean Beef & Veggies

Having secured and built out the space, we commenced to experiment on our fearless and helpful customers.  We had some misses in our culinary forays, but by and large we had a greater number of successes.  With the loyal patronage and occasional kind advice of our customers, we evolved into a faster, tastier lunch place over the next few years.

In the fall of 2011, we opened a 2,700 square foot restaurant, right next door to our old shop.  Our customers were delighted to come in and finally sit down to lunch in our main dining room or in the quieter back room.  The happy faces behind the counter provided the same fast service, while the repertoire of tasty entrees grew.  Some dear friends taught us how to expand the range of our palates to India and Ethiopia in addition to Thailand, Italy, and other places...

Come Join Us!

Thai Red Curry
Meditteranean Orzo Salad